M&M 6-8ish months

Rolly Pollies.. the monkeys are on the move.  Gone are the days that we could set them down and have them stay in the same place.. They started solids at 4 months and one of their favorites was Banana-cado.. sweet potatoes were also pretty good.. I actually did a really good job with them and making all of their food for a while. I did try to do green beans but neither of them liked the consistency but it was so sweet trying new things.  It was a mess and I’m thankful that Boba was around to help clean up. I’m sure she finally figured out that having them here was a good thing for her because there were scraps of food flying – everywhere.  Both were blah blah blah’ing up a storm – Michael was the first to say Mama and that was in August of 2009. Melted my heart right away 😉  Marco was more of a grunter so we dubbed him Marcosaurus.. From early on Marco loved music – I mean if you were to look up “Dance too much booty in your pants” Marco’s picture would be there. 🙂  Michael was a mover and shaker – he was on the go and in to everything.. He was dubbed our Evil Kineval. Michael would try it and Marco would watch – if all went well with whatever stunt was being tested Marco would follow.


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