Months 3-6 with M&M

Once we got the hang of it and the boys were sleeping through the night, things became more fun. 🙂  We were starting to learn their personalities – Michael was a super fussy eater for some reason and Marco would cry out in “Gheeeee’s”! Michael liked to eat in a variety of different positions! When Marco would get upset we would always cheer for him to give us a Gheeee!

Michael loved to jumpy jump!

Mr. Marco aka Uncle Fester.. so serious!

We dubbed these their first Drivers License pictures.

Hey - what are you doing over there? Little did we know that this was totally the preview of what's to come 🙂

Such little rolly pollies (sp?).. they were moving, shaking and ready to be on the go.  Michael cut his first tooth at 6 months, Marco took a little longer but that sure wasn’t a sign of him being behind. It’s funny how both Baby A (Michael) and Baby B (Marco) could be so different yet so similar.  Michael started out as heavier and longer than Marco but that only took a few months to change. Marco surged ahead and pretty much stayed a poundish heavier and just a tad bit longer. How in the world did they both fit in my belly? Smashed and crunched! I’m thankful that they put up with each other in such close quarters for as long as they did 😉



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