March 2009..

these are too friggin cute not to share…

Some M&M baby pics that were lost and now found!

December 19, 2008 – yes, chronologically out of order and can’t fix that :/

Well the big day has come! It was 5:00am and we were on our way to the hospital to have some babies…  So here I am at 38 weeks and 3 days. While I am very proud to have carried twins to full term, I was a mack truck and my belly touched the steering wheel when I drove.  At this point all I wanted was a couch, a bathroom and whatever sleep I could manage.  There was nothing on TV in the middle of the night.. :/  So take it all in – I weighed more than a Florida football player. 🙂

Stick a fork in me...

M&M Baptism in August 2009

We had the boys’ Baptism at St. Marks Church in Huntersville, NC on Aug. 8, 2009.  We had a big party and had everybody come into town.  We chose Zack and Mara for Michael’s Godparents and Orin and Erin for Marco.  The boys did really well through the ceremony but ended up getting fussy towards the end.  It was such a nice day to have everyone here to celebrate with us.  Along with the first Sacrament the boys got some swanky pimp white sateen outfits… the only thing that would have made them better is if they were velour…🙂

Mike and Marco

Aunt Eh-win and Uncle Orin
Aunt Ma-wa with Michael


Erin, Mara, Zack, Mike, Orin and me with the M's

Michael and Mommy

M&M 8-10 months and Halloween!

With 2 very mobile and curious boys we had to figure out a way to keep them safe while roaming around.. we decided to take our loft area and turn it into kid central.  We gated it off and it became baby/toy/spit up central, you name it.  It worked out really well and we were able to baby/kid proof everything and gate them in to boot! Marco was getting more and more into music and dancing and Michael wanted to try and climb up everything.  Our first Halloween was fun but it ended up being a rainy night so we dressed the boys in their outfits and took them around the cul de sac in their wagon.

M&M 6-8ish months

Rolly Pollies.. the monkeys are on the move.  Gone are the days that we could set them down and have them stay in the same place.. They started solids at 4 months and one of their favorites was Banana-cado.. sweet potatoes were also pretty good.. I actually did a really good job with them and making all of their food for a while. I did try to do green beans but neither of them liked the consistency but it was so sweet trying new things.  It was a mess and I’m thankful that Boba was around to help clean up. I’m sure she finally figured out that having them here was a good thing for her because there were scraps of food flying – everywhere.  Both were blah blah blah’ing up a storm – Michael was the first to say Mama and that was in August of 2009. Melted my heart right away ;)  Marco was more of a grunter so we dubbed him Marcosaurus.. From early on Marco loved music – I mean if you were to look up “Dance too much booty in your pants” Marco’s picture would be there. :)  Michael was a mover and shaker – he was on the go and in to everything.. He was dubbed our Evil Kineval. Michael would try it and Marco would watch – if all went well with whatever stunt was being tested Marco would follow.

More 3-6 month pics of M&M

Marco doing his best Dr. Evil

Easter Day 2009🙂

Marco trying the Al Bundy

Mike feeding both babies and taking a picture.. skills, skills.

M&M outside hanging in their bouncy seats..

Michael in the boppy🙂

Marco checking it out..

This is one of my all time favorite pics of M&M..🙂

Sweet Marcosaurus!

sweet faces..